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Connect with Zoe Empowers Children During Lent

You know that children across the world are caring for children and other relatives because one or both parents have died of HIV/AIDS, or their family suffers from the effects of disease, war, famine, and extreme poverty. You’ve heard that these children face lives of loneliness, hardship, and hunger and that many end up begging for food, living on the streets, or worse. You’ve seen how Zoe Empowers partners with communities where orphaned and vulnerable children live so that they can bring children into supportive groups and connect them to local resources, training, and churches that empower them to break their cycle of poverty in just three years.

What if you could help Zoe Empowers during this season of Lent?

ZOE invites you to connect with orphans during this Lenten Season, grow in the love made possible through Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, and make that love a present reality in the lives of children in ZOE’s ministry.

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