Empower generations with a group for group match.

There has truly never been a greater need for localized empowerment and connection amongst a community’s most vulnerable population.

Covid-19 has left behind an immeasurable number of orphans in the countries where we work.

At Zoe Empowers, we’re preparing for what could be the largest generation of parentless children to date. The good news is that Zoe Empowers has secured the staff to start additional empowerment groups as soon as pledges are received.

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Empowerment continues well beyond graduation.

As a young boy, Difati’s community called him a hopeless orphan with no future. He was stigmatized and isolated, unable to attend school, access medical care, clean water, secure shelter, and other basic needs.

In 2014 Difati joined Zoe Empowers and was given an opportunity to change the narrative of his own story.

Seven years later, Difati is now an adult and part of the Zoe Empowers Alumni. He describes himself as a dreamer and an ambitious business owner with the talent and patience to see his goals through.