Fridah’s Story of Sacrifice & Success

“I want others to have the dignity I didn’t have.”

– Fridah

$38 a month gave Fridah and her siblings the belief that their life matters. Fridah donated $38 to Zoe Empowers so another orphaned family can discover their life matters too.

Fridah vividly remembers the day she heard of her father’s death in 2013. Randomly attacked by malicious thieves on his way home from work, then 17-year-old Fridah was deeply saddened by the news, along with her mother and five siblings. With the sole provider of income gone in an instant, the already struggling family was forced to turn to begging for food to survive.

ZOE kids have joined Fridah in donating

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Empowered & thankful

On Thanksgiving day, Zoe Empowers Kids will gather to give of their own money to help fund the empowerment other orphans and vulnerable children.

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Learn how the soon-to-be Zoe Empowers grad gives back in a big way, finding joy in paying it forward to ZOE.