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A Zoe Empowers Trip will provide you with the experience of a lifetime! You will meet the in-country staff members and the incredible young people who are being empowered to move beyond charity. You will see and experience how the Zoe Empowers model is changing lives socially, economically, and spiritually.

On a trip, you will visit with and learn from young people who are engaged in each stage of the Zoe Empowers program. You will have an opportunity to be a guest in their homes. You will see how the relationships they have with fellow group members are providing them with an extended family within their communities. You will witness firsthand how their group projects and businesses are helping them to thrive in the midst of adversity. And you will even get a taste of the local culture through a tourism experience that is unique to the country you visit.

When traveling with Zoe Empowers, you will encounter heartache and joy, tears and laughter, desperation and dancing, sadness and singing — and you will return home with renewed hope as you are inspired by the stories of the young people who are moving from poverty to self-sustainability.

Note: If you are a current Empowerment Group Partner (formerly known as a ‘Hope Companion Partner’), you will have the opportunity to visit the group(s) you support.

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Typical Itinerary

• Day 1 – Depart USA
• Day 2 – Arrive in country
• Day 3 – Travel to base Hotel
• Day 4 – Visits with Zoe orphan empowerment groups
• Day 5 – Visits with empowerment groups
• Day 6 – Worship at local church, free time
• Day 7 – Visits with empowerment groups
• Day 8 – Visit with empowerment group, travel to tourism destination
• Day 9 – Tourism activities, travel to airport
• Day 10 – Arrive home

How much does it cost?

The trip fee is $1,290 per person. The fee covers all in-country transportation, meals, accommodations, travel insurance, and included excursions where possible.

For more details, read our Frequently Asked Questions.

“Groups that are visited perform much better. Your encouragement lifts the heads of orphans and their businesses thrive.”

— Reegan Kaberia, Chief Program Officer

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