The journey out of poverty all starts with hope.

Gifts of hope delivered directly to orphans and vulnerable children in need

End poverty for an orphaned child—for good.

Orphaned children living in extreme poverty have lost hope that tomorrow will be better than today. Our solution addresses all their challenges, across eight areas of life, equipping them to overcome poverty with their own efforts.

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Handouts help orphans survive, empowerment helps them thrive.

It starts in a group.

We unite orphans into a peer group (60-100 children) within their community.

Together, the members begin setting goals to pull themselves permanently out of poverty. Regular meetings and group projects facilitate a sense of safety, connection and trust.

We train holistically.

We facilitate group lessons and individualized vocational training to meet each child’s needs and goals.

Businesses begin to thrive. Children find encouragement and support from their group as they apply what they have learned, overcoming individual obstacles.

Dignity is restored.

Children find their voices and transform their lives while community members bear witness to their empowerment journey.

They begin to see themselves as valued members of the community and are often called upon to teach their knowledge and skills.

Communities are lifted.

As a child exits the cycle of poverty, a new cycle centered on kindness begins.

Graduates actively mentor and adopt other vulnerable children, lead social change and seek ways to give back, benefiting an entire community in the process.

Give Once

$96 empowers one child for a year.
$288 empowers one child for a lifetime.

Empower Monthly

$38 a month empowers 5 orphans out of poverty.

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Make a partnership pledge to empower a full or half group with 60-100 orphans.