Pamela & John’s Story


Zoe Empowers Kenya graduates travel to Malawi.


Feelings of excitement and fear filled John. He never thought he, a 22-year-old orphan from rural Kenya, would fly in an airplane. Now, he found himself 10,000 feet in the air, staring out at the clouds from his window seat on the way to Malawi. Next to him sat his friend Pamela and Mercy, a Zoe Empowers Kenya facilitator.

Pamela, like John, never imagined she would own a passport, much less get the opportunity to use it, especially at the young age of 29. John and Pamela both graduated from Zoe Empowers Kenya, John in 2018 and Pamela in 2012.

Last fall, while hundreds of Zoe Empowers children in Kenya fundraised to give back to the program, Pamela donated $100 USD and John gave $50 USD to the effort. As representatives chosen by their Zoe Empowers peers, they traveled to Malawi to visit the empowerment group the Kenyan children helped to fund. [VIDEO of the visit]

When asked why they chose to donate to Zoe Empowers, Pamela and John expressed a similar sentiment: Their lives had been transformed by the generosity of strangers. Now, their deep gratitude for what God has done in their lives is what motivates them to give more children the same support.

The Kenyan children have once again begun their fundraising celebrations for 2019. This year alone they have raised $7,400!

A generous supporter wants to MULTIPLY their impact with your help. When you make a gift in any amount to the general fund, it will be MATCHED and added to the total amount raised by the kids in Kenya.

Join us this Thanksgiving season to empower more children like Pamela and John, multiplying the gift of dignity and gratitude!

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