Solomon’s Story


A place to call home after Cyclone Idai.

Tichaona, 20, remembers the night Cyclone Idai hit like it was yesterday. During the night he, and his brother Tapiwa, 14, were awakened by the sound of the rain and wind blowing. As powerful gusts forced life-threatening structural damage, the siblings fled to their neighbors’ property. When they returned to their flooded compound the following day, devastation set in.

I was in so much pain to see all the houses destroyed. During the morning, the first thing we thought about was about our parents,” explained Tichaona. “We missed our parents so much in that moment. We thought that if our parents were here, they would know how to take care of us. The grief from losing them started all over again.

Not only did they long for guidance and direction, but Tichanona and Tapiwa felt their level of poverty was now more exposed than ever. They could no longer hide the way they had been living. The brothers resettled inside the only standing building left on their compound, a storage shed. This is where they were living when they joined the Zoe Empowers Zimbabwe program in March 2019.

Once the Zimbabwe staff learned of Tichaona and Tapiwa’s situation, the boys were immediately provided a small grant and other emergency resources from Zoe Empowers to kickstart the recovery process. While the relief materials brought them comfort, the most significant turning point came from Solomon, a 2018 program graduate and builder.

Once Solomon heard Tichaona and Tapiwa’s story, he offered to volunteer his time to construct a new home for the family. Not only did he build the two-room home at no cost, but he trained Tichaona and Tapiwa in the skill of building in the process, so they could work side-by-side with him. As a result, the brothers have been inspired to become builders and aspire to help other vulnerable orphans the way Solomon helped them. 

In July, five months after the Cyclone Idai’s destruction, Tichaona and Tapiwa finally had a new place to call home. Together, they have made tremendous progress in their first year of the program.

Solomon selflessly serves his vulnerable peers, who in turn, want to pass on the good that has been done to them. The ripple effect of your support knows no end. All you need to do is start.

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