Welshman’s Story


Wealth is measured in more ways than one.


In 2016, Welshman was deep in the trenches of poverty. His father had passed away, leaving him to care for his two younger siblings and his ill mother. He was 19 years old. Welshman found odd jobs to get by, but his income was never enough.

The family’s suffering was a weight he carried with him day after day, resulting in an emotional combustion of anger and sadness. He longed for someone to console him, to understand his challenges and love him despite his circumstances.

Fortunately, Welshman’s prayers were answered in early 2017 when he joined Zoe Empowers Zimbabwe. When Welshmen talks about his battle with extreme poverty, food, water and shelter are not top of mind as being the items he lacked most during that time.

Instead, he defines poverty as being without love. “When someone doesn’t give love, he is poor,” Welshman said. The sense of belonging he found in his empowerment group ignited his aching spirit and gave him the energy to transform physically, mentally and spiritually. Today, he is rich with love.

Give a gift of hope today.

380 million children living in extreme poverty will rely on charity forever. A monthly gift of $8 over 3 years empowers one orphan out of poverty. How many children like Welshman can you give lasting sustainable change?