Why Zoe Kenya?

Why Zoe Kenya?

Poverty impacts 8 areas of life

Addressing multiple barriers simultaneously is the only way to overcome extreme poverty.

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Food Security

With Zoe Empowers, children learn to grow or buy their own food, yielding enough to eat nutritious meals daily, share with other children and sell surplus in the community.


Children go days without food resulting in severe malnutrition causing other physical and mental health complications.

Secure Housing

With Zoe Empowers, secure housing, is acquired through purchasing land and building materials with excess business income. Groups join together in providing labor for home construction.


Inadequate shelter makes children vulnerable to abuse, exploitation, and illness.

Health & Hygiene

With Zoe Empowers, hygiene is taught to avoid disease, and access to healthcare is acquired for when young people do fall ill.


Limited access to healthcare and a lack of hygiene leads to life-threatening disease and poor health.


With Zoe Empowers, child-led families have the tools and motivation to re-enroll in or begin a formal education, with some even attending college and beyond to maximize their futures.


Education is not accessible or sustainable for children who are sick, homeless and unable to afford school fees.

Income Generation

With Zoe Empowers, children can now own multiple businesses employing their siblings, orphans, widows and other community members.

Inability to Earn Money

Legitimate jobs that pay a reliable wage are inaccessible to orphans and vulnerable children.

Child Rights

With Zoe Empowers, human rights training is taught so children can stand up for themselves. Their group gives them the social structure needed to successfully enforce their rights ending heinous abuses.


Vulnerable children are unaware of their rights and their voices are not heard because of their social status.

Community Connections

With Zoe Empowers, the sense of belonging to their peer group transcends into larger society as they move from being beggars and sometimes thieves to entrepreneurs and leaders, respected and valued by their community.


Orphans and vulnerable children have lost hope of belonging because of being isolated and stigmatized.

Spiritual Strength

While Zoe Empowers is a religiously non-restrictive program, children experience the gospel in action in ways that are always inviting but never coercive. We love to talk about this part of our program; please ask us if you have questions.


Isolation leads children to believe God has forgotten and even abandoned them.