Year 1

Children are inspired to dream about their future and their most urgent needs are met through grants, which help to generate sustainable income.

Year 2

Leaders emerge and children flourish as young entrepreneurs – working together to build upon foundational principles learned in the first year.

Year 3

Diversified businesses are created from ongoing micro-loans and holistic transformation takes place throughout entire communities.

We Are ZOE

The combination of all areas of Zoe Empowers creates a fully comprehensive model.  Absent of any one area, the cycle of poverty will continue.




Orphans and vulnerable children are identified through partnerships between Zoe Empowers in-country staff and community and government leaders.


Group Formation

Empowerment groups of 60-100 young people are formed, comprised of 20-30 families whose eldest sibling is usually between the ages of 15-18. A chairperson, a secretary, and a treasurer from among each group and an adult mentor is selected. 



Local leaders volunteer to train children in their desired vocation. They are taught about their rights and how to enforce them, they obtain birth certificates and land ownership disputes are resolved.


Together – We Are ZOE

“We had a thought to come up in life. You had a thought to bring us up in life. Now God has brought us together.”  – Best of Life Group, Zoe Empowers India

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Dream Plan

The children engage in a powerful exercise, writing their vision for their lives on a “dream chart,” which inspires them to dream about their future for the first time in their lives.


Food Security, Health & Hygiene

Training and access to the following are foundational to a child’s success as they embark on this journey: food security, clean water, sanitation, hygiene, and health care.



Younger siblings are enrolled in school to pursue a formal education, and grants provide the funding for fees, uniforms, and school supplies. 


Income Generation

Micro-loans provide empowerment group members with access to capital. Self-reliance is achieved as young people meet their own needs and the needs of their siblings without outside support or intervention.


Child Rights

Children and community leaders learn about child rights and how to enforce them, ensuring all children are free from abuse, neglect discrimination, and exploitation.


Spiritual Wholeness

Group members continue to grow spiritually in community with others as they understand and experience God’s unconditional love, leaving behind former perceptions that God had abandoned or cursed them.

Empower Orphans Today

Want to see empowerment in action? Create a fundraiser to help a Zoe Empowers working group get started! Once the project is funded, we’ll keep you up to date on their progress.

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Giving Back

Young people give back to their community by employing, training, and adopting other orphans. Personally, they are self-reliant, which motivates them to empower others.


Outcomes and Proof of Impact

In-country and US staff work together to document the progress of the group and its members through reports which are submitted to investors at regular intervals throughout the three-year program and upon graduation.

See Impact That Multiplies

Do you want to see evidence of how ZOE’s impact in the life of a child multiplies and transforms entire communities?

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