Agape Working Group

Liberia, Africa

Funded in November 2016
Group start date in January 2017

Campaign Progress Bar

$675 Monthly Pledges / $0 Left to go

“I used to sell water but now my story has changed.”

—Samuel, President, Agape Working Group

Samuel’s Story

Samuel is responsible to care for his blind grandfather and younger brother. It’s easy to see how vulnerable Samuel’s family was so it’s no surprise he was easily persuaded by someone from another community to come work for them. He was tasked with selling water and was forced to work 15 hours a day. Samuel never received any portion of his sales and on a rare occasion, was given a very small amount of food to share with his grandfather and brother. Often times, his family resorted to eating small nuts from the ground.

When he heard about Zoe Empowers, he didn’t know if he was “important enough” to be part of such an opportunity. He is now the President of his group so his peers must think he is pretty important! He said, “I never knew I could be a leader until Zoe Empowers gave me the chance to dream about my future.”

“I feel so fine! I now am the one to choose what I eat and what I wear.”

—Ruth, Agape Working Group

Ruth’s Story

After Ruth lost both of her parents to Ebola, she and her younger brother went to live with their grandmother. Her only option was to spend long days sorting charcoal into large bags as a laborer yielding her enough for an occasional meal to share with her family.

Today Ruth is in the 10th grade and her younger brother is re-enrolled in elementary school. She has started her first business and is planning to start a bakery. Her vision is some day become a nurse. It was only a 6 months ago that she joined a Zoe Empowers group and learned how her life could change if given the opportunity to dream and show her potential.


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