Partner with purpose.

With Zoe Empowers, impact works both ways.

When you invest in empowering orphaned youth, you’ll see your resources in action. Through reports and updates, Zoe partners stay informed and engaged throughout the 3-year journey. As a result, many experience a mutual sense of joy and hope. This holiday season, partner with purpose. Create change you can see and feel.

“With each update I received about Faith and her empowerment group, my heart swelled. I marveled at her progress and accomplishments, even during the pandemic. It fills me with hope knowing that our support can make such a permanent impact.”

Lee Riddick, Zoe Empowers supporter and member of Apex UMC

Share hope, be inspired.

Whether you’ve partnered with one child or an entire group, Zoe gives donors a front row seat to the empowerment process. You’ll receive regular updates, learn group members by name, read about their businesses, progress and more.

Empower a full group

Every new full group partnership at $9,000/year for 3 years is doubled! (up to 15 groups)

Empower a half group

Every new half group partnership at $4,500/year for 3 years is doubled! (up to 15 groups)

Give monthly

Your new undesignated monthly gift of $28 or more will be doubled for an entire year!*

ODW Partnership

Our partners at One Day's Wages are matching one-time donations up to $51,000. Use the special link below.

*matching gifts up to $50,000 for one-time gifts, gift catalog purchases and new monthly Collective donors.


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