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“A dependable source of income has given me self-esteem. I feel appreciated in my community and no longer feel isolated. My Empowerment Group understands and loves me.”

– Elosy, Kenya Kaithuraniri Kautine Group (18 Years Old)


Empowerment Group Partners

By personally committing to invest in a full or a half empowerment group of orphans, Empowerment Group Partners set up their own payment plan in the form of a pledge. The country of impact is determined by the partner, and regular reports are provided.

Collective Partner

We make it easy for monthly donors to join other investors in collectively giving toward an empowerment group. Collective Partners simply choose the number of children they wish to impact and donations are pooled together to fund entire groups in the country with the greatest need.

Campaign Partner

Campaign Partners get creative in how they raise funds, through birthday campaigns, social media, circle of friends, or corporate campaigns. We can assist in setting up a fundraising web page and help with additional ideas.

See the impact for yourself!

All Zoe Empowers Partners are invited to join one of our Vision Trips to meet the children they support. Join the 1000’s of partners who have already witnessed the impact of empowerment.

There are many ways to connect and partner with a group of children.

Let us help you find the right fit for you, your church or other group.

Together, we are empowering orphans and vulnerable children to become entrepreneurs who are socially, economically, and spiritually strong.