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Toxic Charity Study

Rwanda Baskets

Challenge traditional forms of charitable giving and call into question the long-term impacts using this guide alongside, ‘Toxic Charity’.

Presentation Resources

Gaston Warner

Use our presentations to share about ZOE’s Empowerment model with your friends, colleagues, church, groups and other audiences.

“Do Less” for Orphans

By giving something up to help vulnerable children transform their lives you have a fun twist on traditional fundraising by “doing less”.

Gift Market Guide

Cow in Kenya

Create a simple market so others can buy gifts that go further than a shelf or a drawer – ones that transform the lives of children.

Zoe Empowers Breakfast

One of ZOE’s most popular and successful fundraising events is a Zoe Empowers breakfast where everyone can gather to hear about empowerment.

Silhouette Fundraiser

Fund an entire Zoe Empowers group of children using this powerful display that connects future partners with waiting children.