Zoe Empowers Breakfast

One of ZOE’s most popular and successful fundraising events is a Zoe Empowers breakfast where everyone can gather to hear about empowerment.

Printable Prayer Boxes

Zoe Empowers needs your prayers! Alongside other group activities, a Zoe Empowers prayer box will be a reminder to pray for the Zoe Empowers kids and staff.

Mission Activities for Children

Zoe Empowers has created mission activities to work as a companion to Vacation Bible School and other children’s group events.

Group Connection Banners

two people holding up a quilt

Create a connection to a group of Zoe Empowers children that you or your church partners with by using a creative banner as an interactive illustration.

Offering Boxes

For churches and individuals raising funds for ZOE’s work, we provide free foldable offering boxes to go along with your activity.

Swahili Song Exchange

Everyone of all ages can learn the popular African children’s folk song, Bwana Awabariki, “May God Give You a Blessing”.

Silhouette Fundraiser

Fund an entire Zoe Empowers group of children using this powerful display that connects future partners with waiting children.


A fundraising concert or choir event is a great way to raise funds for a Zoe Empowers group of orphans and vulnerable children.