Together We Can! Curriculum

We are excited to offer you the Together We Can detective club lessons to compliment your reading of Elizabeth and Stella Meet Zoe Empowers. We know that this will be an incredible learning journey for you and your little detectives. It is our hope that at the end of this lesson you and your detectives will have a greater understanding of the way Zoe Empowers works to build partnerships between children in need and congregations.

This set of lessons is designed to be used in a sequence and fits nicely into Lent, Advent, or a VBS model. However, the lessons can also be used separately without the detective theme if you only have one meeting.

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1. Session 1: Introduce “Together We Can Detective Club” and Make Chicken Bank

2. Session 2: What We Know, Wonder, Learn

3. Session 3: Different Home: Same God

4. Session 4: Being the Hands and Feet of Christ

5. Session 5: Making a Difference Everyday

6. Detective Clue Sheet

Each week your little detectives can record the weekly clue in their detective notebooks. To create these simply print off the clue tracker sheet and have copies of the clues for each child to paste onto the sheet each week.

Download Together We Can! Curriculum