Toxic Charity Study

Rwanda Baskets

There are many books on the market today that challenge traditional forms of charitable giving and call into question the long-term impacts of how churches have conducted “missions.” A list of such titles can be found on our website. One of the books, Toxic Charity, is especially popular with church groups and lay audiences because its straightforward nature makes it easy to understand and quick to read.

For guiding questions that facilitate group discussion, prompt individuals to apply the principles of the book to their own lives, and challenge the body of Christ to think critically about the impacts of their own church’s mission, download the Toxic Charity Book Study Guide.

It can be used well as a weekly study, discussing one or two chapters each week. Or, if you would prefer, you could host a one-time event and consider making it into a retreat for focusing on your church’s missions. One person can choose to lead the group through discussion, or as a group you can casually discuss which questions interest you the most. Feel free to adapt it to your needs and preferences!