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Seeing is Believing – Until Now

Zoe Empowers impact outcomes are no longer reserved only for those who travel.

Monitoring, tracking and reporting on the progress of each empowerment group is a top priority for us.  For more than a decade, this has allowed the indigenous staff to evaluate the children’s progress internally, monitor program results and allocate resources efficiently. Although this approach was effective, the real-time impact of our program was limited to only those who could travel and visit the program in-country. Until now.

As an effort to maintain a commitment of transparency, we began working toward a systematic approach of collecting data that would show outcomes in a format that could be easily understood and widely shared.

In 2017, a partnership was formed with the Data for Good program at SAS Institute Inc. to assist us in preparation, cleansing and visualization of the gathered data. We are proud to share with you the results from this two-year process beginning with the Data Highlights from Kenya and Rwanda. Stay tuned as we continue to release data for all countries where Zoe Empowers is working.

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