Beatrice Shatters the Cycle of Poverty

“Losing my biological father at a young age and being abandoned by my stepfather made me feel that everything was lost,” said Beatrice. “Little did I know that Zoe Empowers would come and change the direction of my life.” – Beatrice Beatrice’s earliest memories are in the hot, dusty fields with her mother, Verina. After […]

Josephat’s Bridge to Success

Josephat always felt like his ambition never aligned with his life circumstances.  He loved to be in school, but his parents could not afford the fees. There were often gaps in his enrollment, dropping out to work for several weeks or months at a time. Then, inevitably, through sheer will and determination, he would scrape […]

How Chickens Turned Into a Home

A busy paved road runs through the village center of Chimwaza, Malawi. On either side is an assortment of tattered-looking shops, freestanding kiosks and persistent peddlers ready to serve the steady stream of loitering locals there to eat, shop and socialize.  Two years ago, entering this scene would have invoked shame and anxiety for Mike […]

ZOE Children Donate $7,100: Margaret’s Story

“I am happy to give part of what God has blessed me with through ZOE. I am now empowered to help others in my community and beyond. I have learned that it is more blessed to give than to receive.”

What Physical Limitations?

Electronics Repair Empowerment

ZOE is combating entrenched poverty by bringing empowerment to one of the most challenging places in the world – the slums of Chennai, India. Here, the daily struggle to survive is complicated by the near lawlessness of the environment. The slums are tightly controlled by “strong men” and outsiders are distrusted. Through patience and perseverance, ZOE India’s Country Manager Jabez William gained the support […]

Support In Times of Sickness

“First I give God all thanks. Because of Zoe Empowers, I’m proud of myself because I can now go among the people. I am happy because now when I get sick or need help, I have a support system of people to help me. I am no longer alone.” Massah and her two younger siblings were […]