10 Reasons Zoe Empowers is Unlike Other Children’s Charities

Zoe Empowers started as a relief-based organization with short-term, marginal results. In the early 2000s, the AIDS pandemic devastated communities in sub-saharan Africa, leaving hundreds of thousands of orphaned children in its wake. Globally, there was a push to donate to Africa, support orphan charities, sponsor an orphan, and fundraise for an orphanage. Zoe Empowers […]

Shifting gender norms through education in rural Kenya

Lidiah was born with a love for education. As a young girl, sitting inside a small, one-roomed classroom, learning new subjects and socializing with her peers was her favorite pastime, and it showed in the high marks she received from her teachers. She didn’t know it then, but she was one of the lucky ones, […]

Rwanda Graduates Create Empowerment Training Center

“Before I joined Zoe Empowers, I use to complain to God, asking why he made me suffer.” said Samuel. “Now, I see what I would have lost if I would have given up. I would have missed so many things. I would not be here to help others.” ‒ Samuel, 2018 graduate of Zoe Empowers […]

Mighty Moses: Life After ZOE

ZOE graduate from Kenya

Having the opportunity and capacity to learn at our leisure is a luxury and privilege we don’t think twice about it, when in reality, hundreds of millions of children living in poverty around the world are either dreaming about being able to attend school or lack the understanding that a better life is possible through education.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

What a time it would be if, instead of idolizing those with big muscles, fancy cars and expensive homes, we admired those who had the exact opposite. What if we looked up to people like Gentil, a young Rwandan boy whom you’ve never met but likely won’t forget.

Jean Claude Uses Carpentry To Build More Than Furniture

Rwanda carpenter

“I once felt like my life was dipping into nothing. Today I feel so blessed that I cannot keep it all for myself so I have started a training program for other youth in my community.” – Jean Claude, 2017 Zoe Empowers Rwanda graduate. Before Zoe Empowers, Jean Claude remembers being so poor that he could not even […]

Support In Times of Sickness

“First I give God all thanks. Because of Zoe Empowers, I’m proud of myself because I can now go among the people. I am happy because now when I get sick or need help, I have a support system of people to help me. I am no longer alone.” Massah and her two younger siblings were […]

His Dream to be a Carpenter

Boy as a carpenter

Douglas had a dream as a child to become a carpenter but never had hope of achieving it. He was born in poverty, with no father to raise him and a mother who was disabled and unable to provide for him. Douglas has been his mother’s caregiver for as long as he can remember. They […]