Timothy and His Giving Tree

Timothy’s grandmother gave him two gifts before she passed away. The first was a small gourd, meant to symbolize giving. The gourd only darkened if he gave to others. “The darker the gourd, the richer his life will be,” she told him. At the time, Timothy didn’t believe he had anything to give. He was […]

10 Reasons Zoe Empowers is Unlike Other Children’s Charities

Zoe Empowers started as a relief-based organization with short-term, marginal results. In the early 2000s, the AIDS pandemic devastated communities in sub-saharan Africa, leaving hundreds of thousands of orphaned children in its wake. Globally, there was a push to donate to Africa, support orphan charities, sponsor an orphan, and fundraise for an orphanage. Zoe Empowers […]

How Fridah Became a Zoe Empowers Donor

Fridah becomes a donor

We asked why Fridah became a Zoe Empowers donor. She said, “I believe poverty is the behaviors, values and characters you’re forced into, like digging through garbage bins to find leftover food, being forced to dropout of school or not having a secure place to sleep at night. That took away my dignity. I want others to have the dignity I didn’t have.”

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

What a time it would be if, instead of idolizing those with big muscles, fancy cars and expensive homes, we admired those who had the exact opposite. What if we looked up to people like Gentil, a young Rwandan boy whom you’ve never met but likely won’t forget.

Farming For a Better Future

Rice Farm Rwanda

Through the energetic demeanor and glittering eyes of Samuel and his group members, it’s clear the rice farm has produced much more than food, it has created purpose. And with purpose, has come both hope and expectation for an even better future.

Restoring Hope After Ebola

Boy in Liberia looking out home

“Ebola took loved ones from each of us. Once they went to that big white building we never saw them again.” Zoe Empowers group, God’s Choice officially began in August 2016, only a few years after the Ebola crisis ended in Liberia. The reminders of Ebola mostly live on in the hearts and minds of those […]

A Safe Place for Self-Reliance to Grow

We all know that housing is a basic human necessity.  To have a place that provides safety and protection from the elements is critical to becoming sustainably self-reliant.  Ensuring children have a safe place to live is a top priority for each Zoe Empowers program. Because of the way the Zoe Empowers model adapts, different countries provide […]