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A new door opens for Faith

Faith still remembers the day she knocked on her uncle’s door. It wasn’t long after the death of her parents. She was fifteen, and her younger brother,…

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Beatrice Shatters the Cycle of Poverty

“Losing my biological father at a young age and being abandoned by my stepfather made me feel that everything was lost,” said Beatrice. “Little did I know…

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Daniel’s Ascent into Fatherhood

Daniel was 11 years old when he became the head of his household.  His mother unexpectedly passed away of a mysterious illness, and his father had died…

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Beyond Graduation: Children Thrive Into Adulthood

When Diffati, a 2017 Zoe Empowers graduate welcomed us into his Malawi compound, our jaws dropped. How did an orphan who once lived in extreme poverty acquire the means for such a lifestyle?

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Zoe Empowers

This is what empowerment looks like. See the lives of vulnerable children who were once homeless and hungry, transformed into healthy, respected leaders impacting entire communities in Rwanda. 

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Josephat’s Bridge to Success

Josephat always felt like his ambition never aligned with his life circumstances.  He loved to be in school, but his parents could not afford the fees. There…

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How Chickens Turned Into a Home

A busy paved road runs through the village center of Chimwaza, Malawi. On either side is an assortment of tattered-looking shops, freestanding kiosks and persistent peddlers ready…

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Crisis resiliency is a marathon, not a sprint

When learning a new skill, the second attempt is always a little easier than the first. On the third and fourth try, there is a sense of…

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A Mother’s Courage Yields Hope and Happiness

Sharleen was 7 years old when she tragically lost her father, the only immediate family member she knew. Without parents or siblings, Sharleen moved in with her…

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Made with love: A baker’s dream fulfilled

“Today, I’m just smiling,” he said, when talking about his experience in the program. “That’s all for me. I can’t express it more than just smiling.”

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