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The Moment Dignity Emerges

Last fall, hundreds of Zoe Empowers children in Kenya donated their personal earnings to fund a new empowerment group in Malawi. Pamela and John were among those…

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Kenyan Graduates Travel to Malawi

Feelings of excitement and fear filled John. He never thought he, a 22-year-old orphan from rural Kenya, would fly in an airplane. Now, he found himself 10,000…

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The Harvest of Hope

“I want to see Zoe Empowers expand into more areas of Malawi because it is unique from other organizations I’ve been registered with. Those programs didn’t solve…

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Rwanda Graduates Create Empowerment Training Center

“Before I joined Zoe Empowers, I use to complain to God, asking why he made me suffer.” said Samuel. “Now, I see what I would have lost…

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Zoe Empowers

This is what empowerment looks like. See the lives of vulnerable children who were once homeless and hungry, transformed into healthy, respected leaders impacting entire communities in Rwanda. 

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A Different Kind of Thanksgiving: Zoe Empowers Children Become Zoe Empowers Donors

Cheering erupted amongst the hundreds of Zoe Empowers children gathered. As of November 27, 2018, $12,415 has been raised by over 1,800 children to donate back to the Zoe Empowers program. The children-now donors-are grateful and generous young people; this is the definition of empowerment.

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TEDx TAMU – Gaston Warner

Gaston Warner, CEO of Zoe Empowers, talks about how doing less for orphans actually creates space for them to do more.

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A Solution To Poverty

Watch how together, we can end the cycle of poverty through empowerment.

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Zoe Empowers Children Donate $7,100: Margaret’s Story

“I am happy to give part of what God has blessed me with through ZOE. I am now empowered to help others in my community and beyond. I have learned that it is more blessed to give than to receive.”

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Zoe Empowers Children Donate $7,100!

How do you measure empowerment? One powerful action taken this year by 510 young people in the Zoe Empowers Kenya program reveals what true empowerment means to ZOE.

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