From Program Member to Program Facilitator

Manley is no stranger to grief and hardship. After losing his mother in 2006 and then his father in 2008, he went to live with his aunt and uncle. Manley’s aunt used brutal ways of parenting: shouting, beating, corporal punishment, and food deprivation. She depleted him of the little confidence he had left. But still, […]

The Moment Dignity Emerges

Last fall, hundreds of Zoe Empowers children in Kenya donated their personal earnings to fund a new empowerment group in Malawi. Pamela and John were among those who gave to the effort. Chosen by their Zoe Empowers peers, they would travel to Malawi as the Kenyan representatives to visit their newly funded empowerment group named, […]

Kenyan Graduates Travel to Malawi

Feelings of excitement and fear filled John. He never thought he, a 22-year-old orphan from rural Kenya, would fly in an airplane. Now, he found himself 10,000 feet in the air, staring out at the clouds from his window seat on the way to Malawi. Next to him sat his friend Pamela and Mercy, a […]

The Harvest of Hope

“I want to see Zoe Empowers expand into more areas of Malawi because it is unique from other organizations I’ve been registered with. Those programs didn’t solve my problems. They would just give me food and go. Instead of giving fish, Zoe Empowers is giving fishing sticks so we can do it on our own.” ‒ […]

Rwanda Graduates Create Empowerment Training Center

“Before I joined Zoe Empowers, I use to complain to God, asking why he made me suffer.” said Samuel. “Now, I see what I would have lost if I would have given up. I would have missed so many things. I would not be here to help others.” ‒ Samuel, 2018 graduate of Zoe Empowers […]

ZOE Children Donate $7,100: Margaret’s Story

“I am happy to give part of what God has blessed me with through ZOE. I am now empowered to help others in my community and beyond. I have learned that it is more blessed to give than to receive.”

ZOE Children Donate $7,100!

How do you measure empowerment? One powerful action taken this year by 510 young people in the Zoe Empowers Kenya program reveals what true empowerment means to ZOE.

Land Rights Matter

Kenyan Girl Looking out Window

“I give freely from my store to the children in my community but if they make it a habit, I will give them a job.” How Maggie found the strength to keep going is a miracle. After the death of her father, it seemed every day brought another hardship. First, it was simply getting enough […]

From a Beggar to a Boss

Kenya girl in shop

Cecelia had a dream when she was living on the streets after her father passed away. To own a pair of shoes. If she had shoes, she would not be ashamed to attend church.