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Zoe Empowers

This is what empowerment looks like. See the lives of vulnerable children who were once homeless and hungry, transformed into healthy, respected leaders impacting entire communities in Rwanda. 

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Titus lifts himself out of poverty by giving.

“I was really touched when I heard the money was going to support other kids like me. I remember where God has brought me from. I know how those children feel. That’s why I donated $20 to ZOE.” explained Titus.

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Antony Finds Strength in Generosity

“I’m so happy about where God has brought me, and I know there are many other children going through what I went through,” said Antony, now 24…

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How Fridah Became a Zoe Empowers Donor

We asked why Fridah became a Zoe Empowers donor. She said, “I believe poverty is the behaviors, values and characters you’re forced into, like digging through garbage bins to find leftover food, being forced to dropout of school or not having a secure place to sleep at night. That took away my dignity. I want others to have the dignity I didn’t have.”

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Not All Heroes Wear Capes

What a time it would be if, instead of idolizing those with big muscles, fancy cars and expensive homes, we admired those who had the exact opposite. What if we looked up to people like Gentil, a young Rwandan boy whom you’ve never met but likely won’t forget.

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Defying Cultural Norms in the Name of Fatherhood

Although Emmanuel is not genetically the father of Moses, caring for him and his sister has brought significant meaning and joy to his life.

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Rising Up: How Obald Baked His Community Out of Poverty

“I use to be so angry. I thought God forgot about me,” said Obald. “I know now that God has a plan for me. I am reminded of God’s blessings when I share my bread with all the children… It is my responsibility to help others.”

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A Fuller Picture of The Divine in Kenya

“If you get the chance, Derek, you need to go to Africa.” The encouragement came from my senior pastor who had just returned from Tanzania herself. I’ll…

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Jean Claude Uses Carpentry To Build More Than Furniture

“I once felt like my life was dipping into nothing. Today I feel so blessed that I cannot keep it all for myself so I have started…

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