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Meet an empowerment group on a live virtual trip.

Virtual trips give you the opportunity to meet youth on their personal journey out of poverty. Hear stories, offer encouragement, and ask questions directly to young people in the Zoe Empowers program.

60-Minute Trip

Virtual Trip to Vizag

July 24th, 2024 at 10 AM ET
Young Pearl Empowerment Group

60-Minute Trip

Virtual Trip to Kenya

August 7th, 2024 at 10 AM ET
Empowerment Group TBA

How to schedule virtual trips for a group

This is an especially powerful and great opportunity for a church, Sunday school class, or even for your group of friends! If the participants on your end are currently an empowerment group partner, we will connect you with the specific young people you support.

We will work with you to find dates and create a customized experience for you. Churches/groups that are not partnered with a Zoe group are also welcome to set up a virtual trip, or to join a mission trip already scheduled to one of our many locations in Africa.

What to expect on a group virtual trip

Via Zoom video calls, you will meet Zoe children to hear their stories, offer encouragement, and ask questions. The children may also ask questions of you!

Virtual trips are offered in the morning and last 90 minutes with the option for one-day or two-day trips. One-day trips virtually travel to a single country and provide a wonderful educational experience. Two-day mission trips focus on two different countries (such as Rwanda and Kenya) and allows more time for questions and reflection.

Visit a Zoe Empowers program virtually.

Connect directly with the youth in the Zoe Empowers program to hear their stories, offer encouragement, and ask questions regarding mission trips.