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Trip Preparation Timeline

To Do As Soon As Possible
  • Keep all the information and forms in a binder/notebook for your trip.
  • Obtain or locate your passport. There must be more than six months before it expires from the intended date of travel or your passport will not be accepted.
  • Book your plane tickets.  Zoe recommends a trusted travel agency and puts you directly in touch with them.
  • Get your immunizations from your physician or area travel clinic. Some immunizations have stages requiring several months to complete. Zoe Empowers is not able to give out medical advice and so we suggest you ask your doctor what immunizations/medications are needed. The CDC website provides information about necessary immunizations.
4 Months Before Your Trip
Pay online or send a check to Zoe Empowers to cover the cost of the trip for each traveler for all in-country transportation, meals, accommodations, travel insurance, and including excursions where possible.
2 Months Before Your Trip
  • Complete all required forms and include your trip dates and the country to which you will be traveling. These forms must be completed at least 8 weeks prior to your departure date.
  • Ask your doctor to prescribe anti-malarial medication and a general antibiotic for your travel.
  • Ensure you have a sufficient supply of all personal medications to last the entire trip (and a few extra).
  • Make three copies of your passport.  Send one to the Zoe office, keep one copy in your suitcase during travel and leave one in the States with the friend or family member listed as your alternative contact person.
2 Weeks Before Your Trip
  • In the case of any emergency tell your contact person to call Zoe’s Travel and Events Coordinator, Elena Ballam, at 612-695-0983, and she will get a message to the team as soon as possible.
  • Begin gathering the items on The Paranoid Packers List.