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380 million children living in extreme poverty will rely on charity forever.

Together we can change that.

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380 million children living in extreme poverty will rely on charity forever.

Together we can change that.

We empower vulnerable children to move beyond charity.

We are breaking the cycle of extreme poverty around the world by empowering orphans and vulnerable children to become entrepreneurs who are socially, economically, and spiritually strong — transforming entire communities in the process.


Together with supporters, we partner with orphans and vulnerable children.


Young people are empowered socially, economically and spiritually.


Your investment multiplies as entire communities move beyond charity.

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True empowerment happens when our approach is no longer about US doing something for THEM, but when WE are joined together and all of our lives are changed in the process.

years of support is all it takes

dollars per year empowers one child

percent success rate to be self-reliant

From Relief to Empowerment


This book is ideal for individuals and groups who want to explore ways to address systemic forms of oppression — moving beyond relief to empowerment.

From the blog:

Orphaned Children Unite in the Name of Peace for Kenya

“Interaction greatly helped the problem; simple things like eating and working together. People started to see there wasn’t hatred between the two groups.” ‒ Reegan Kaberia, ZOE Kenya…

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