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Give a gift that matters to those who matter.

Filled with meaningful gifts for your friends and family, the gift catalog lets vulnerable children around the world know that someone believes in their ability to make their dreams come true.

For every gift, we provide the ability to send an electronic card to the person or group that inspired your gift. 

*Orders must be received by December 6th to guarantee a Christmas delivery.

“The happiest day of my life was meeting my Empowerment Group. We started a banana tree farm and that is the day I began to become human again.”
– Console, Rwanda

A gift of $10


Because rabbits can have up to six litters a year, they are a good source of income for a vulnerable child who is working towards self-reliance and sustainability. Children can then pay for many of their basic needs, such as school materials, food, clothing and medical care.

Banana Tree Bulbs

Bananas are very nutritious and can be grown year-round in the countries where Zoe Empowers orphans live. The program teaches children about seed preservation, water conservation and ways to cultivate farms both large and small for optimal harvests.

Maize Seed

Many children in the program choose to grow maize because it is an essential part of their traditional diet. In many of the villages where Zoe Empowers children live, a maize-meal is a culinary staple, as well as a great source of food and revenue.

“Zoe Empowers taught me that education is a light that allows us to see everything we want to see in this world.”
– Moses, Kenya

A gift of $25


Chickens are raised by many in the Zoe Empowers program because they are easy to keep and inexpensive to feed. A hen can lay up to 200 eggs a year, which is plenty for children to eat and sell in a village or local market. Orphaned children can also generate income by raising and selling chicks.

School Supplies

Orphaned children often drop out of school in order to work for food. The Zoe Empowers program provides children with uniforms, fees and other materials required to return to school. Older children are empowered to start businesses which allows them and their siblings to enroll in school and continue their education.

Cooking Pots

A cooking pot can be the difference between sickness and health for a child living in poverty. When children cannot boil drinking water and properly cook their food, they can suffer from chronic health problems. Zoe Empowers ensures children receive vital resources and training to be healthy and prevent illness.

“Because I never knew my parents I felt unworthy. Having my own electronics repair shop has restored my dignity and given me hope in humanity.”
– Bert, Rwanda

A gift of $50

A Goat

Goats are easy to care for, thrive on otherwise unproductive land and improve food security. One goat can produce up to a gallon of milk per day. Raising and selling goats can be a good source of income. The children are trained how to care for goats before they receive them.

Electronics Repair Kit

Cell phones are an essential part of daily life where Zoe Empowers works. Repairing and charging cell phones and other devices is a lucrative trade for an orphaned child. Some participants in the program have invested in solar-powered televisions and screens to run small movie theaters.

Hairdresser Supplies

A common vocation for orphaned children in Kenya and Liberia is that of a hairdresser. Older children learn this trade and how to manage such businesses. Aspiring stylists are provided with sinks, hair dryers, combs and other necessities for their businesses to thrive.

“My blessings are so great that I cannot keep them for myself. My carpentry business has grown into a training center for youth in my community. My identity is no longer one of poverty but it is now in God.”
– Jean Claude, Rwanda

A gift of $100

Carpentry Tools

Having the right tools is essential for an orphan who wants to start a business. For aspiring carpenters, Zoe Empowers provides vocational training as well as the hammers, saws, clamps, work gloves and other tools necessary to repair homes and build furniture. 

Ox Plow

For an orphaned child living in a rural village, an ox plow can be a game-changer. An ox plow enables an orphan to work large tracts of land providing abundant harvests to eat and sell. Some of the children in the program will rent their plows to nearby farmers for extra income. 

A Basket of Shoes

Zoe Empowers encourages children to start businesses that can generate income quickly and address immediate challenges such as hunger and lack of housing. A micro-grant can be used to purchase wholesale products, such as shoes, which can be sold at a profit in their communities.

“I sew clothing for my siblings and the orphans in my community. My family now wears the clothes we want to wear and not clothing donated to us by others.”
– Monica, Kenya

A gift of $250


Spiritual growth is at the heart of the program. Bibles are provided to groups of orphaned children when they graduate. Throughout the program, children learn about God’s love in meaningful ways. Zoe Empowers connects children to local churches so they can continue to grow in their faith.

Sewing Machine

Many schools in the areas where Zoe Empowers works require that children wear uniforms in order to attend. When orphaned children become tailors, they can provide their fellow working group members with access to affordable, high-quality uniforms so they can return to school.


Many vulnerable children live in very rural areas where infrastructure and sanitation resources are limited. Ensuring children have a safe, sanitary, enclosed latrine is an essential part of Zoe Empower’s health and disease prevention efforts. Enclosed toilets also help keep children, especially young girls, safe from abuse.

“My life changed after I received a cow. The income generated has expanded my other businesses and today I am building my dream house to help more orphans—that is the theme of Zoe Empowers”
– Rachel, India

A gift of $500

A Cow

A cow can make a big difference for the vulnerable children Zoe Empowers serves. The first cow is provided to a working group of children. The children choose which family in their group will care for the cow until it calves. That family then keeps the calf and passes on the cow. During the program, up to three calves can be born enabling as many as four families to each have a cow of their own.

Small Business Grants

Orphans become entrepreneurs who start multiple businesses that grow and thrive. Groups of Zoe Empowers orphans learn business and financial management skills together and share their challenges and successes with one another to improve their outcomes. This gift provides business funding to ten orphans.