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Delphine Overcomes Abuse to Achieve Her Dreams

Abused, Alone, Raising a Daughter and Siblings

Delphine lost both of her parents when she was just 13 years old. After years filled with hunger, sickness and abuse, she was invited to join Zoe Empowers with her two brothers, sister and infant daughter.

During the first few days, Zoe Empowers was there to welcome her and invite her into a working group of 85 fellow orphans. Zoe Empowers social workers reassured Delphine that God loved her and had a plan for her life. Her family was treated for their illnesses and malnutrition so they could be strong enough to begin their journey out of extreme poverty.

When Delphine is Ready, Zoe Empowers is There

When Delphine and her family were ready, Zoe Empowers taught them how to grow food and cultivate a kitchen garden. With help from their group, tools and seeds from Zoe Empowers, Delphine and her siblings planted what would become a sustainable source of food.

Delphine’s family home in Rwanda was in severe disrepair after years of struggling in poverty. When she shared this with her group, they knew that she would not be successful without a safe and secure home. When Delphine and her group were ready, Zoe Empowers provided a grant for building materials needed for her group to construct her a new home.


Delphine and her family in front of her old home.
Standing with their new home.


Standing with Orphans, All Year Long

[/fusion_text][fusion_text]Empowerment doesn’t happen all at once. It is a process of achieving one dream after another until a scared, sick, and vulnerable child grows into a strong, proud, and self-reliant young person.

This is why we invite you to join the Circle of Hope. Zoe Empowers created the Circle of Hope to bring together monthly givers who believe children should be surrounded by the tools of empowerment they need to change their lives.

When you sign up to become a monthly giver, you join our Circle of Hope. New Circle of Hope members are invited to travel with Zoe Empowers on a Trip of Hope to see God’s hand at work in the lives of children across the world.

By joining ZOE’s Circle of Hope and giving each month, you will be there every time a vulnerable child like Delphine stands up and says, “I am ready.” Vulnerable children in seven countries are ready to change their lives now. Stand with them and let them know you are ready, too!