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Gratitude for the Life of Mark McAndrew

The Zoe Empowers community is grateful for the life of Mark McAndrew. We grieve his sudden passing at 69 years of age and morn his loss with Mark’s family. At the same time, we are thankful to God for the powerful legacy which Mark leaves behind. Mark served for seven years as a Zoe Empowers’ board member, during which time he engineered changes to Zoe’s recruitment model which almost doubled our capacity to empower children. Mark personally stood behind over 13,000 orphaned children and vulnerable youth on their journey from life threatening poverty to lives of hope and promise, and enabled tens of thousands more children to be able to participate in the program through his

Zoe staff in many countries remember him laughing and crying, dancing and praying, with children in the program as he celebrated their success. Mark has served as dear friend, mentor, and example to so many of us in Zoe’s family. We grieve his loss, celebrate his passing from life to life, and are thankful to God that Mark reached beyond himself to transform the lives of so many.

Mark, my friend and brother in this work, you are loved and will be missed.

Gaston Warner


Mark with Reegan in Kenya


Mark with his wife, Laura


Mark in Rwanda


Mark during a visit to Rwanda