“Do Less” for Orphans

A fun twist on traditional fundraising, the “Do Less” activity focuses on giving something up to help orphans transform their lives. We offer two fun ways to participate.

In-Person Group Fundraising Activity

  1. Encourage participants to give something up for a week, month or other specified time period. This works particularly well during Lent.
  2. Ask participants to download the poster, or distribute copies you have printed ahead of time.
  3. Schedule a time for participants to fill out the poster, choosing what they will do less of and which of the Gift Catalog Items they will give to an orphan instead. You can alternatively set a group goal, such as a cow.
  4. Take photos of participants holding their posters.
  5. Post photos on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ or other social media to invite friends and family to join in (#ZoeEmpowers and #dolessfororphans).
  6. Ask participants save the money they otherwise would have spent, possibly in a free Zoe Empowers offering box.
  7. At the end of the time period, collect the funds and send to Zoe Empowers. You can make checks payable to Zoe Empowers and send to: P.O. Box 28839, Raleigh, NC 27611.
  8. Celebrate your success and thank your participants!

Peer-to-Peer Online Fundraising

  1. Make a decision to DO LESS to empower orphans to achieve their dreams! It’s easy to rally your friends and family to join you in your goal to empower orphans to become self-reliant.
  2. Use your creativity to share your passion and get others involved.  You can give up some of the conventional things like caffeine, watching TV or eating out.  Then again, you could be really creative to get people’s attention and give up something like your bed, wearing makeup, warm water for your shower, or traditional silverware – and only use chopsticks to eat for a month. The more creative, the more fun it will be!
  3. Visit our Do Less fundraising page and select “Become a Fundraiser.” Use our online fundraising tools to reach supporters, take online donations and keep updated on your progress. It only takes a few minutes to set up your own page.
  4. Share your page with others and raise funds that will empower lives with the money you raise.


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