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Silhouette Fundraiser

One very popular fundraiser that has helped many churches, including Apex United Methodist Church, raise funds to partner with a group and become a Hope Companion is the silhouette fundraiser.

Silhouettes of a boy and a girl from the Zoe Empowers Hope Companion working group you are partnering with can be made and cut out by hand or by machine. A sticker with the first name and age of each of your children can be added to the silhouette. Explain to your congregation that the cost for each child to be in the Zoe Empowers program is $75-$100 per year for three years (depending on how you’d like to break the total cost down). They are encouraged to partner with a child, take the silhouette home, display the silhouette prominently in their home, pray for the child daily as a family, and financially support the child through their journey.

Please fill out the form below to download details on hosting your own Silhouette Fundraiser.