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A fundraising concert is a great way to raise funds for a Working Group of orphans and vulnerable children. Whether your individual choir is interested in partnering with a Working Group as a Hope Companion, or you are eager to contribute more funds to your church’s Zoe Empowers partnership as a whole, hosting a fundraising concert is a simple way to utilize the talents of your musically-gifted church members as a blessing to both your congregation and vulnerable children around the world. Some ideas include:

Host a multicultural concert.

  • Perform songs in varying languages.
  • Shawnee Press has sheet music for songs in multiple languages.
  • Consider including other gifts of musical expression such as dancing or instrumental performances.
  • If someone in your congregation is part of a dancing group, they could learn traditional African dances and perform those.

Host a concert performing a selection of your choir or musical group’s choosing.

  • You can also include the children/youth in the performance or have them host a concert of their own!

Have speakers or show videos during the concert.

  • Hosting speakers or showing videos can help teach people more about Zoe Empowers between song numbers and/or at intermission.
  • If you or someone in your church is a Zoe Empowers Advocate, they have access to a Zoe Empowers Presentation Guide which gives directions on how to speak about Zoe Empowers in powerful ways. You can read more information on ZOE Advocates.
  • Invite Gaston Warner, ZOE’s Executive Director (, or Director of Engagement, Randy Wiersma (, to come speak at your concert!
  • Show professionally-produced Zoe Empowers videos at the beginning of the concert, during transitions between songs, or at intermission, which provide a powerful firsthand glimpse into the lives of the children we partner with.