Timothy and His Giving Tree

Timothy’s grandmother gave him two gifts before she passed away. The first was a small gourd, meant to symbolize giving. The gourd only darkened if he gave to others. “The darker the gourd, the richer his life will be,” she told him. At the time, Timothy didn’t believe he had anything to give. He was […]

10 Reasons Zoe Empowers is Unlike Other Children’s Charities

Zoe Empowers started as a relief-based organization with short-term, marginal results. In the early 2000s, the AIDS pandemic devastated communities in sub-saharan Africa, leaving hundreds of thousands of orphaned children in its wake. Globally, there was a push to donate to Africa, support orphan charities, sponsor an orphan, and fundraise for an orphanage. Zoe Empowers […]

An Unexpected Challenger

When Ann married a man she barely knew at age 14, she believed the union was the only quick fix to escape her household, where an abusive step-father made life unbearable.  Ann’s situation is not uncommon in Kenya, a country ranking 18th highest in the world for the absolute number of women married or in […]

Shifting gender norms through education in rural Kenya

Lidiah was born with a love for education. As a young girl, sitting inside a small, one-roomed classroom, learning new subjects and socializing with her peers was her favorite pastime, and it showed in the high marks she received from her teachers. She didn’t know it then, but she was one of the lucky ones, […]

The Key to Gender Equality

When you sat down at your computer this morning, you didn’t think twice about typing in the Web address you wished to visit: email, news, social media, Zoe Empower’s blog. You simply typed it in, and within a few seconds, you were there reading, scrolling, clicking your way around.  But, you would have noticed if […]

Silent No More: Dorcas Finds Her Voice Through Forgiveness

Dorcas with her brothers

Impressive changes have manifested since Dorcas learned her child rights through ZOE. In the community, Dorcas has become well-known for speaking out about child rights, serving as paralegal outside of her grain shop business. She can be found standing in forums teaching others, especially young females, about their rights.

ZOE Children Donate $7,100: Margaret’s Story

“I am happy to give part of what God has blessed me with through ZOE. I am now empowered to help others in my community and beyond. I have learned that it is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Justice is Served and Dignity is Reclaimed

ZOE taught Pacifique how to defend her personal rights and as a result, her working group helped her press charges against her former abuser. He was tried, found guilty, and is now serving twenty years in prison.

Defining Family After Ebola

Liberia girl in field

“I now have friends and a support system of people who love me and interact with me, so I feel fine. My group, God’s Choice, feels like a family.”   In 2009, before she joined the Zoe Empowers program, Bendu’s father died leaving her with her mother and two younger siblings. In 2014, tragedy struck again […]

Restoring Hope After Ebola

Boy in Liberia looking out home

“Ebola took loved ones from each of us. Once they went to that big white building we never saw them again.” Zoe Empowers group, God’s Choice officially began in August 2016, only a few years after the Ebola crisis ended in Liberia. The reminders of Ebola mostly live on in the hearts and minds of those […]