The Collective

380 million children living in extreme poverty will rely on charity forever.

$8 a month can change that.

A monthly gift of $8 over 3 years empowers one orphan out of poverty.

The Collective

380 million children living in extreme poverty will rely on charity forever.

$8 a month can change that.

A monthly gift of $8 over 3 years empowers one orphan out of poverty.

Empowerment proves that self-reliance & freedom from extreme poverty are possible in only three years.

“The happiest day of my life was meeting the Zoe Empowers staff and my group because that is the day I began to become human again.”

– Consolee, Rwanda

Be part of lasting, sustainable change.

Collectively we can empower children to become the solution that breaks the cycle of poverty.

Collective Gifts

Your monthly gift will be pooled together with other monthly donors who will share the total cost to empower a group of 60-100 vulnerable children.

Collective Impact

Choose the number of children you wish to impact and you will be supporting a country with the greatest need. Watch for regular stories about the children impacted.

Collective Change

Empowered children begin adopting other orphans into their group, hiring others to work in their businesses, and giving back to their communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my monthly gifts be invested in specific children or shared among their group?

A key factor to the success of the Zoe Empowers model is our group approach. Your monthly gift will be pooled together with other monthly donors who will share the total cost to empower a group of 60-100 vulnerable children in the country with the greatest need. Your partnership will impact a group of children but not a specific child. Regular stories about the children impacted are provided over the course of the three-year program.

Can I partner with an entire group on my own?

Absolutely! The best part about this option is that you are able to choose the country you want to impact. There are several ways to accomplish this goal. You can make a pledge to commit to fund a Full Partnership with an investment of $8,500 a year for three years, or you make a pledge toward a Half Partnership and we will identify someone to fund the other half. One other common way to partner with an entire group is to ask your friends and family to join your effort using our fundraising pages. This is a popular option for individuals, churches and any other group who wants to make a difference. It only takes 19 people giving $38 a month to reach your goal, but you can include as many people as needed to reach the total goal. It is simple to get started. You can make your pledge now, learn more about partnering with a full group or half group, or start your fundraising page today.

Special Offering: Zoe Empowers is excited to introduce Empowerment Pods!  As part of Zoe Empowers COVID-19 response to limit large gatherings, full empowerment groups will be segmented into smaller empowerment pods consisting of approximately 15-20 orphaned and vulnerable children, from 5 child-headed households. Empowerment Pod members will still identify as being a part of a larger empowerment group, but will conduct regular meetings as a small group to comply with COVID-19-related restrictions on large gatherings. Learn more here.

When will the group I help support begin the program?

When there are enough partners who have committed to a collective total of $710 a month, the country with the greatest need will be notified that funding is available. A new group will begin at the first opportunity according to that country’s annual cycle for starting new groups. Each country starts new groups twice each year based on the regional growing season which ensures the children’s most critical nutritional needs are met as quickly as possible. See an example of a group that has already been funded here.

What can I expect for updates about the children I impact?

So that you may journey with the children as they complete the three year empowerment program we provide a series of stories about children impacted by your monthly support.

Can I send the children gifts and letters?

We encourage you to visit the program in person. When you do so, we have ideas on our resources pages, of things you can bring and/or give to encourage the children you meet. These must be items of no monetary value to preserve the empowerment program, and maintain equity between groups. Zoe Empowers avoids gifts of monetary value and sending letters directly to the groups. In our experience it is difficult to do these things without the risk of harming the empowerment relationship which makes the program so effective in moving children beyond charity.

When should I visit?

Please feel free to visit as you are able and as Zoe Empowers has space on trips. We do all we can to make sure every partner has an opportunity to travel, and it is a great encouragement to the children for them to see you, thank you, and worship with you. You can also be a powerful voice telling others in your community what is being accomplished. You are welcome to visit the children in any year of the program.

How does Zoe Empowers encourage the growth of faith among participants?

Zoe Empowers is a religiously non-restrictive program. All orphans and vulnerable children are able to qualify for the program regardless of their beliefs. We do not coerce children into saying they believe in certain way to fully participate in the program. However, Zoe Empowers is a Christian organization and we do not leave our faith behind us as we help children to help themselves. The children in our program both see and hear the Christian message of God’s great love for them. This message is always an invitation and never a requirement for being a full and respected member of the group. As in every other aspect of the program, the young people are encouraged to make decisions for themselves. This is also why the program is so effective in children learning about God’s love. Because the young people make their own decisions, they also take responsibility to speak with one another, and with other members of the community about the Gospel. Groups often incorporate prayer, worship and faith sharing in wonderful, non-exclusive ways.

How do I change my recurring donation?

Contact us and we would be happy to help make a change to your monthly gift.

When does my commitment end?

Your monthly partnership will continue monthly until you contact us and let us know you would like to make a change to your gift amount, frequency, or partnership. There are millions of orphaned and vulnerable children waiting for empowerment around the world so you can be confident that  your continued support will always directly impact children in need. If life circumstances change before your partnered group graduates, feel free to contact us at