Gratitude for the Life of Mark McAndrew

The Zoe Empowers community is grateful for the life of Mark McAndrew. We grieve his sudden passing at 69 years of age and morn his loss with Mark’s family. At the same time, we are thankful to God for the powerful legacy which Mark leaves behind. Mark served for seven years as a Zoe Empowers’ […]

Life Beyond an Orphanage

After being found on the streets when she was one day old, Esther was taken to an orphanage in the Northern Province of Rwanda, joining the ranks of tens of thousands of other parentless children in the orphanage system across Africa. When she turned 14, Esther moved to another orphanage in the Southern Province where […]

From Lockdown to Enslavement

Although fighting the pandemic is far from over, the conversation within Zoe Empowers has already shifted to questions about the future: What new challenges will the most vulnerable children be facing now and in the future? After implementing a plan to support the children in the empowerment program who have been most impacted by Coronavirus […]

Nowhere to go: Street children cope with isolation orders

To control the spread of the novel Coronavirus, countries around the world have asked its people to stay inside to practice social distancing. Social distancing involves keeping space (6 feet is recommended by the CDC) between yourself and other people outside your home, avoiding large groups, mass gatherings and crowded places.  The recommendation to social […]

When “Stay Home” Means Sleeping on a Tree Branch

The concept of staying home is simple—unless you don’t have a home. Then what? As rules and regulations surrounding COVID-19 protection are being issued, children who live in trees, latrines, fields and other public places are being chased away. 

The Risk She Will Take To Be Free

Chennai India

She was no longer known as Sangeetha. In the eyes of her “owner”, she was a product, not a human being. It wasn’t until Amara, a courageous and clever Zoe Empowers graduate, learned of Sangeetha and devised a plan to rescue her that Sangeetha became free.

ZOE Named One of 2017’s Most Innovative Nonprofits

Classy Award Finalist

We have some exciting news to share. Zoe Empowers has been named a Classy Awards Finalist, one of the 100 most innovative nonprofits  of 2017! We couldn’t be more excited to share the news with supporters like you that make our work possible. Classy Awards Finalists are a prestigious group of nonprofits and social enterprises selected […]

Reflecting on Zoe Empowers During This Time of Lent

by Lyndsey Lessner, Zoe Empowers Regional Development Associate Lent, the 40-day period leading up to Easter (not including Sundays), is a time for self-reflection and redirection towards more holy living. Forty days equals almost one-tenth of the 365 days in one year. Similar to how God asks us to trust him with our resources by giving a […]