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Together We Can! Curriculum

We are excited to offer you the Together We Can detective club lessons to compliment your reading of Elizabeth and Stella Meet Zoe Empowers. We know that this will be an incredible learning journey for you and your little detectives. It is our hope that at the end of this lesson you and your detectives […]

Toxic Charity Study

Rwanda Baskets

Challenge traditional forms of charitable giving and call into question the long-term impacts using this guide alongside, ‘Toxic Charity’.

“Do Less” for Orphans

By giving something up to help vulnerable children transform their lives you have a fun twist on traditional fundraising by “doing less”.

Gift Market Guide

Cow in Kenya

Create a simple market so others can buy gifts that go further than a shelf or a drawer – ones that transform the lives of children.

Lent Resources

Use our Together We Can detective club lessons for Lent that incorporate scripture, reflections and stories of Zoe Empowers children for your group.

Grant Teaching Tool

Teaching about Micro-Grants

Teach people young and old how to start with a micro-grant and grow it into a thriving small business just like Zoe Empowers children.

Printable Prayer Boxes

Zoe Empowers needs your prayers! Alongside other group activities, a Zoe Empowers prayer box will be a reminder to pray for the Zoe Empowers kids and staff.

Mission Activities for Children

Zoe Empowers has created mission activities to work as a companion to Vacation Bible School and other children’s group events.

Blessing Bakery

Be inspired by four boys from ZOE’s empowerment program in Kenya who started a bakery to support their families.

Group Connection Banners

two people holding up a quilt

Create a connection to a group of Zoe Empowers children that you or your church partners with by using a creative banner as an interactive illustration.